Ep 8 – Dec 17 – Now on Spotify

Martin Uncut
Ep 8 – Dec 17 – Now on Spotify

The Martin Uncut podcast has been submitted and approved by Spotify. To submit yours you simply go to podcasters.spotify.com. It took me 6-8hrs to get it approved – way faster than expected.

Excited for an interview I’m doing today for the Podcast.

My workflow is still broken. Yesterdays file was still in multitrack since I forgot to change the setting. I did a test recording afterwards and could get a single track file out but Audacity messed the levels up – I am normalizing (Loudness Normalization) to -16 LUFS, to get standard sound levels. But after this it started to clip and the sound got super distorted. Will need to continue troubleshooting this.

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