Wow, yet another personal blog! This place will serve as a collection point for the various things I do – all from articles and pictures to videos. The array of topics are diverse to say the least and to make the mess even more messy – you will find content in both English and Swedish. I hope that you will find stuff here that are interesting and fun! I would be super happy if you sent me a message telling me what you think.

Who is Martin Haagen

I am a computer geek turned entrepreneur with a lot of passion for productivity and personal freedom. I work as a Getting Things Done trainer. You can find more information about that over on gtdnordic.se. I also do development and implementations of Salesforce as a consultant.

I like technology. I especially like software related topics. Software development is something that I have close to my heart. I also like to talk about software development and software development processes. I sometimes do presentations on various technical subjects.

When I am not working or being in front of the computer I like to exercise (bike, running or walking in the nature), listen to music (from Opera to Death Metal) or spending time with my family.

How to get in contact

I use a lot of different communication channels and feel free to use any of the below medias.

Easiest and most direct is to give me a call or send me text message on +46 707 671717.

In social media

I am available on these social networks:


Mastodon: @haagen@mastodon.se

Pixelfed: @haagen@pixelfed.social

Twitter: @MartinHaagen

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