Ep 103 – May 31 – 3 Obsidian plugins

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 103 - May 31 - 3 Obsidian plugins

Fantastic summer weather!

Obsidian Templater – use to build smart templates.

Populate notes with data when being created from a template.
Example: Day note with links,
Using the Eta templating engine. Config, Date, File, Fontmatter, Obsidian, System (clipboard, prompt ), Web
Example: Pull in a quote

Obsidian Kanban – create a kanban board.

Markdown file with todos under certain headlines.

Obsidian Dataview – use the vault as a database.

List data in your vault inside a note based on a query.
Example: List notes from a specific folder – meta data from with in the file, sort orders, filters
Example: List all uncompleted todos in different folders

I used it to create a list of all my literature to be read.