Ep 111 – Jun 11 – How podcasting works

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 111 - Jun 11 - How podcasting works

It was some time ago I talked about podcasting so lets do that today!

Podcasting may seem like something complicated but it is really something quite simple and anyone can learn how to do it. Let us go through the steps from the beginning to the end.

  1. Come up with a topic to talk about. Same as if doing a blog or a YouTube video.
  2. Create a script or some bullets to talk about.
  3. Record
    1. Can be done on your phone and you voice recorder
    2. Microphone + DAW
    3. Micropnone + high tech setup
  4. Edit and handle audio
  5. Convert to mp3
  6. Upload file to podcasting host and add shodnotes
  7. User downloads file and listens to it

Submit rss to podcasting directories. Podcasting host often help out with this.

How I do it.
The simplest way.

Get in touch and have a great weekend!