Ep 24 – Feb 2 – Working with feeds

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 24 – Feb 2 – Working with feeds

I have cleaning up the application flora I am using. I am abit worried about how the different applications providers are using the data they gather about me. So I decided to start hosting some tools myself.

I started with the tools I use for my news and article reading. I do this by using two different tools.


  • FOSS – Free Open Source Software
  • Web based
  • Easy to import OPML files for existing subscription
  • Works great on desktop with a ton of shortcuts and different views
  • Works OK on iPad


  • FOSS
  • Web based – but was a bit quirkey to get working
  • Easy to get content into – works nicely with FreshRSS
  • Nice reading experience