Ep 100 – May 26 – My podcasting process

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 100 - May 26 - My podcasting process

Wow! 100 episodes, I didn’t expect that when I started to record every day back in december. I really enjoy this and I am looking forward to another 100 episodes.

This is all about habits. I have the same procedure every day. I come in through the door and I always have the idea what to talk about clear for me; some weeks I plan the whole week in advance, some days I decide in the morning while walking the dog.

Some days I write a full script, some days I settle with a few bullets. Independently I talk freely and loosely around the script. No one knows if I followed it or not. You can see what approach I used by checking the show notes – my script goes in there as I wrote it. It can also be seen as a short journal entry even though I avoid talking about personal things here. Since I started to experiment with my keyboard layouts I tend to use bullets mainly because I still write a bit too slow to feel comfortable to write longer texts.

I still record using my RødeCaster Pro. A tool I really enjoy using. Because I have this tool I can produce the show really fast. One take and no edits. During the 100 episodes I have done edits in maybe 5 of them and in those cases it has been because of something out of the normal has interfered. One example could be that the dog started to bark. The only reason I try to do it uncut is to save time.

When the recording is done I copy the files over to my computer where I run a macro in Audacity on the recording. This macro is a compressor, some audio levelling and finally conversion to a mp3 file. I would like to automate this flow a bit more. I have here been looking at tools like Hazel and Keyboard Maestro but yet not been able to do it well enough to be happy with the result. But it is an ongoing process and trust me, when I find the perfect solution for this I will talk about it here!

When the file is done I upload it together with the show notes to word press. I use a plugin called “Seriously Simple Podcasting” from Castos. I do not use Castos for this podcast. To store the files locally is still okay – I keep an eye on the bandwidth consumption. I can’t see any other value to use a podcast hosting provider for this podcast.

Finally I do a quick post on mastodon about the newly released episode.

I am super thankful to all of you listening regularly to the show. And also a big thanks to anyone recommending and sharing the podcast to friends and colleagues – that is why I can see a steady and constant growth of the audience.

On of my recent most popular episode was Ep 83 – April 30 – Drive by Daniel Pink. It was fun to do and it got a lot of listens. I will review more books and soon I will talk about “How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler. What episode was your favourite. Send me a note and let me know! You can find how on martinhaagen.se/about