Ep 113 – Jun 16 – Incoming books

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 113 - Jun 16 - Incoming books

Yesterday I finally got that book package I have been waiting for for weeks. Today I will talk about these books and give you some thoughts to why I decided to buy them.

  1. The Data Detective – Ten easy rules to make sense of statistics by Tim Harford
  2. Peak -Secrets from the new science of expertise by Anders K Ericsson and Robert Pool
    • Swedish scientist, Florida State University
    • 10000h rule
    • Deliberate Practice
  3. Deep Work by Cal Newport
  4. Solving the Procrastination Puzzel by Timothy Pyschyl
    • Researcher at Carleton University in Ottowa Canada
    • Psycology Today, Don’t Delay (Blog)
  5. “Case Studies” by Sigmund Freud.
    • Five of the classic case studies
    • Dora
    • Little Hans
    • The Rat man
    • Schreber
    • The Wolfman
    • Bokbörsen – used books – you can buy and sell your own books. $33 new – $6 used. Also good for the environment.

Are you, or have you, read any of these books? Want to discuss them? Get in touch!