Ep 122 – April 6 – Hugo a static site generator

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 122 - April 6 - Hugo a static site generator
  • The elefant in the room – let’s go back to short more frequent episodes
  • There has been alot going on the last few months
    • Automations for handwritten notes
    • New Mac Studio is ordered
    • Firewall and VPN project
    • Privacy – chaning email provider
    • NAS
    • And tons of other things
  • Hugo – a static site generator
    • Static vs Dynamic
    • Pro: Speed – faster since no computation, just serving
    • Pro: Simplicity – server setup and components – focus on content, security
    • Con: Dynamic functionallity – contact form, comments etc
    • Con: Harder to start
  • Want to learn more – I’m currently prepareing an online course
    • April 14th 7pm GMT+1 – English, no pre-registration needed – but get in touch to get the link.
    • Why: Love Hugo, Trying out some concepts related to course creation and setup

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  • Hi Martin,

    I just listened to your episode from April 6 comparing static and dynamic sites. I’m disappointed that I didn’t come across the episode earlier! I wanted to see if you might have the April 17th course recorded and available to watch? I have some beginner skill writing html and CSS and I’m interested in creating a static site with Hugo. I am shocked a little information is available and have been hunting for a good tutorial.

    Thanks again for the espisode!

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