Ep 26 – Feb 4 – Remarkable

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 26 – Feb 4 – Remarkable

Still mobile interference – located and I will try have that fixed. But I need to get in touch with the alarm company.

Today I speak about the Remarkable.

  • “eInk paper tablet”. Super thin – 4-5mm.
  • e-Reader – like the Kindle or one of the Sony devices.
  • You can read ePub or PDF-files.
  • Writing device – feel and sound like writing to paper.
  • 8 different brushes
  • 3 line thikness and 3 colors (shades of grey & black)
  • Eraser on back of pen or by using a tool
  • Select tool – to move writings or drawing on a page or between pages.
  • Zoom
  • Share – via email in SVG, PNG or PDF.
  • OCR – transform your writing to text and share.
  • Remarkable cloud – to upload and download documents.
An image of the Remarkable paper tablet.