Ep 37 – Feb 19 – Streaming setup

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 37 – Feb 19 – Streaming setup

Dog’s birthday – Boss is turning 1 today. Wee!!

Todays recoding is done live on Twitch. Mainly to test out all the equipment and find potential issues.

  • Recording in Audacity instead of on the RødeCaster Pro.
  • a6100 is hooked up front-left and this is the main camera.
  • m50 is hooked up back-left with a view of the desk and RødeCaster Pro.

Yesterday I did some recordings for SoMe videos – mainly to be published on LinkedIn (Feel free to connect with me!).

  • I had some issues with the HDMI-out. But they seemed to solve themself.
  • Love the picture quality – especially the skin tone. It looks more natural compared to the Canon that is more reddish.
  • Sound-in on the camera worked a bit wonky when the camera is in Aperture priority mode. Why Sony?

But after all. Super happy with the result!