Ep 36 – Feb 18 – Sony a6100

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 36 – Feb 18 – Sony a6100

The package did arrive yesterday – and well in time! The package contained:

A new camera – a Sony a6100.

  • I don’t know all the photographic details. But I’m going to use it to record video recordings and to stream.
  • Clean HDMI-out. No icons etc.
  • No Power Off (after 30min)
  • 4k 30fps
  • No over heating issues

Sigma 24mm 1.4

  • Super sharp – but the low f-stop will give us an amazingly smooth and blurred background.
  • Cons black corners – but not visisible on an APS-C camera (that is what the Sony is).
  • Slow auto focus – but okay for my use case.

An elgato Camlink 4k

  • USB-device to record HDMI-signals (from the a6100).

Today I will be doing a bunch of recordings. I am super excited to work with the new equipment.

Tomorrow I will be streaming. Join me at 8am GMT+1 on twitch.