Ep 41 – Mar 1 – Editing takes time

Martin Uncut
Ep 41 – Mar 1 – Editing takes time

Back after winter break in Sweden. Spring has arrived. Sun and warm!

During the long weekend I worked on editing a podcast episode that I will release next Thursday. It takes super long time. Normally it takes 3 times the length of the podcast. This is a 35min long episode and thus it should take 3hours to record and edit – but now I probably spent 10hrs on this interview.

The reason for this is that the interview was in english and I want to serve my listeners and provide a transcription and translation of it in the show notes. Doing this of a 30 min long interview takes a long time. I found and used Happy Scribe – this gave me 14 pages of transcription. After this I used Google Translate to do a quick translation. And now I need to edit that translation to be correct Swedish.

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