Ep 46 – Mar 8 – How to troubleshoot microphone noise

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 46 – Mar 8 – How to troubleshoot microphone noise

  • Hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine troubleshooting some noise. Let’s talk about that.
  • Friday I made a recording of “The Podcast” and during the prep. I found that I had some irritating noise on the mic. You may have heard it in the last few episode – a small buzz on top of my voice. When I wasn’t talking the noise gate cut it off. 
  • I found that the XLR-cable was too close to the power supply of the RodeCaster – which caused the problem. But it was not that easy to find. Here’s a list of things you should test when you have similar issues. 
  • First make sure you connected all your equipment through the same power outlet – this ensuring you have a common ground. 
  • Turn off equipment that can cause noise on the electrical line or cause electrical fields. Florescent light in the roof, near by refrigerators etc.  
  • Make sure “Phantom Power” is turned off if your microphone doesn’t require it.
  • Change the wires to others – the ones you have could have become damaged. 
  • Try the same microphone (and cable) to a different recording device. Something that is not connected the the power grid (e.g. battery). 
  • If possible move the equipment to a different place. 
  • These are the few things I went through to troubleshoot my setup and fairly quickly I could locate the problem. 
  • There are certainly other steps you can take – let me know by any of the means of contact that you can find on martinhaagen.se/about/ 
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  • This was all for today – see you tomorrow! Ciao!