Ep 52 – Mar 16 – Thoughts from streaming

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 52 – Mar 16 – Thoughts from streaming

  • Last Friday I made a test Stream on Twitch.
  • Goal was to make sure the equipment work as it should and also become more familiar with it.
  • Did a live tutorial of how you can create an Audiogram using the creative suite. If you are interested of this you can soon find the recording on YouTube.
  • Crash during the first 5min of OBS.
  • Learning: But before the show started. OBS had been running for multiple days – learning is to do a fresh start right before it’s time.
  • Focus issues on the camera. Manual focus! Alternatively other settings that is more safe to keep the auto focus more stable.
  • Sceene Setup I had was good and provided me easy ways to control and change the views and cameras.
  • Stream deck was super good to have. Great to not need to worry about also the control of the stream.

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