Ep 53 – Mar 17 – Testing Hindenburg Journalist

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 53 – Mar 17 – Testing Hindenburg Journalist

Before I used Audacity. And currently I use Audition to edit. They are both really good but there is something missing when it comes to editing. I have heard a lot about ProTools, Reaper and Hindenburg. I looked around a bit – ProTools didn’t look like a tools for me and certainly not an improvement from Audacity or Audition. But Hindenburg looked promising – I started a trial and have now used to edit one episode of the Podcast. And this is my thoughts.


  • Beautiful application. Easy to navigate and find the tools. Doesn’t look clutter.
  • Easy to import and export audio. Auto level the imported clips
  • You can link tracks together – great if you have done interviews with multiple people on different channels.
  • A ton of keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your workflow alot
  • Markers – you can mark sections of the sound so you can easily edit your story.


  • No real manual – you have to look at youtube to find shortcuts and techniques.
  • To few filters – not enought to sound treat bad audio. That has to be done before hand.