Ep 55 – Mar 19 – Fixing that reference mess

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 55 – Mar 19 – Fixing that reference mess

I have had one thing in my system that has been a bit problematic. And that is all files and notes that I use for my various projects. I have used a lot of different systems and now I have things everywhere. This causes of course some issues when I need to find stuff. I do find it but I need to look in a few different places before I’m successful.
One other problem is that I have been using a lot of different note taking applications but have still not found the “right one”. Evernote was the one I used for a long time but:

  • Almost no development for the last few years
  • Not very cheap for what they deliver
  • Polished the UI – functionality vanished and a ton of bugs.
  • Non exsisting support

But where should I go? Almost everyone I talk with have the same problem. They want out of Evernote but don’t know where to go. And trust me I have tried a lot of tools:

  • OneNote
  • MacOS Notes
  • Joplin
  • Emacs with OrgMode
  • Agenda
  • Bear
  • NoteJoy
  • Notion

And this is not the complete list at all. And now I’m looking into Dropbox Paper.

Yesterday I found the reference system by Tiago Forte called P.A.R.A – which stands for Projects, Areas, References and Archive. To me this is a very appealing way to handle your reference system. But you should then group your notes, files and all apps in the same way. This way it should be quicker to find it. I still need to learn more about this way of organizing the references but so far no major hole.

So to take this forward I need to determine how to handle my digital notes and merge everything into that. One system. I also need to learn more about PARA and if it holds up try to organize files etc in that way.

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Have a great weekend. See you next week!