Ep 56 – Mar 22 – Good stories creates feelings

Martin Uncut
Ep 56 – Mar 22 – Good stories creates feelings

I hope you had a great weekend. I had. It was great spring weather so we could spend a lot of time outside.

During the weekend I watched a YouTube clip by Benn Jordan where he does a trip to a nature reserve to record ambient sounds. He had to do a lot of preparations and then the trip took him on some adventures.

This presentation brought back memories and feelings from expeditions like this I have done.  I went to a forrest and a bog where I took photos of Blackcock and during this I had some adventures.

Blackcock during play – 2/5 – 2008, Älmhult, Sweden – Foto by Martin Haagen

Thinking back on this I felt nostalgic and I really wanted to come back to the forrest – but this time to record ambient sounds.

Have a great day and see you back here tomorrow! Ciao!

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