Ep 59 – Mar 25 – Done!

Martin Uncut
Ep 59 – Mar 25 – Done!

The keynote went off this morning and it went well. No major issues or problems. That means that I prepared well – and you have been with me on that journey. There was so much to learn and it was quite fun. As long as there is enough time to do that the feeling is always good. My only problem was that I couldn’t really see the comments that the participant wrote. The screen was too far away. For the next session I will have I will have to find a solution to bring the screen closer to me. And the next occasion is actually already planned – in a three weeks or so I will have a webinar about GTD. That means I will repeat this thing. But there is not going to be close as many people on that meeting as there where on todays keynote.

Super short episode today. See you back here tomorrow!

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