Ep 58 – Mar 24 – Broken sound setup

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 58 - Mar 24 - Broken sound setup

Tomorrow is the big day. The keynote. But yesterday there was a bit of a panic when I did some last minute rehearshals.

Yesterday I did some last technical rehearsals and I found out that the Video went out fine to the Zoom-meeting but no sound. Just to give you an understanding how the setup.

Audio goes through the RødeCaster via USB to the Streaming box. Here OBS picks it up and mixes it with sound from other sources. I’m then using the Virtual Camera as output from OBS and Input to Zoom. And here is the failure. The Virtual Camera doesn’t have a “mic”.

If I where doing this on a mac it would be fairly easy to use Soundflower or one of the following applications to do this. But the streaming box is using Windows. I would there for need some type of virtual input & output tool that could route the output sound from OBS into Zoom.

This is when I found Voicemeeter. If you have the same issue be aware there are multiple different versions of it and i first tried Voicemeeter – but couldn’t get that to work. But the “Voicemeeter Banana” version got it to work fairly easily. Voicemeeter is not straightforward to setup but there are great tutorials on YouTube.

So if you have audio routing issues on Windows I can definitely recommend Voicemeeter.

Tomorrows episode will be released later during the day.