Ep 30 – Feb 10 – m50 as webcam!?

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 30 – Feb 10 – m50 as webcam!?

I will be doing a keynote for a company. One of the things I do is to do trainings in Getting Things Done® and will soon also become a GTD® coach. The keynote will be about this topic. Normally these keynotes are in real life but due to Covid this one will be digital.

I want to do a really good keynote and want to provide a nice and professional experience for the participants. I will try to:

  • Setup my Canon m50 as a webcam using Camera Live
  • Use OBS to produce the keynote
  • Stream via Zoom and a virtual camera
  • Have nice scenes and transitions setup in OBS
  • I also have to do some physical fixes to my studio

Follow me here on the Podcast to see how it goes.

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