Ep 31 – Feb 11 – From camera to Stream

Martin Uncut
Ep 31 – Feb 11 – From camera to Stream

Yesterday I talked about the Getting Things Done® keynote I will hold in a little bit. And because I cannot do this presentation in person I will need to do it digitally but I want to do a good show. And thus I need to do some testing.

  • I got Camera Live to work – super simple 2min process.
  • Installed latest version of OBS. This has the virtual camera by default so no additional plugins needed.
  • No issues starting the virtual camera.
  • Zoom picked up the OBS stream without any issues.

I have also started to plan and prepare the change and setup of the studio for this. Yesterday I went and bought color for the background (currently white) and I will paint it during the weekend.

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