Ep 32 – Feb 12 – Clubhouse and GDPR

Martin Uncut
Ep 32 – Feb 12 – Clubhouse and GDPR

Yesterday I continued to test the setup of the Canon m50. And I’m happy I did. After 30minutes the camera stopped sending the video feed. Seems to be a built in limitation. I found the Canon Webcam Utility that solved it for me.

  • Lower resolution compared to Camera Live
  • There is a slight lag – maybe 5-6 frames – visibly more than on Camera Live.
  • Streamed for 3h+ without any issues.

Do I need to find a new camera for streaming?

I read this article, Why Clubhouse might be untrustworthy with your contacts, that talks about how Clubhouse is using your contacts. Even after you revoke access to the contacts. How are they handling this data that they do not have consent to use? Phone numbers and emails are personal data. There could be ways this is dealt with.

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