Ep 34 – Feb 16 – Clubhouse has a future?

Martin Uncut
Martin Uncut
Ep 34 – Feb 16 – Clubhouse has a future?

I have been using Clubhouse for a while now and start to form my opinion about it. I really like it – there are some really nice and interesting conversation you can listen into and take part of. But I believe there is quite a few problems on the horizon.

  • Hype – the hype will go away and this will not give them all the free marketing that they are currently is getting. And influencers will not be pushing it in the same way and most likely a lot of them will stop using it and go back to their old channels.
  • Technical Aspects. Only iPhone. What about the other 50% of the smartphone users out there? Also as a content creator you can’t use you high quality equipment – it would be a win for everyone if you could use good microphones and streaming equipment.
  • GDPR – as I mentioned in previous episodes. But I hope they are handling data well.
  • Monitisation – how will they make money?
    • Premium, Freemium och Ads?
    • Will you pay for this service? Who would pay?
    • Ads? How would that work? Interrupt the conversation? When you enter a room and browse for rooms? Is that enough?

I sound really negative. But I hope I’m wrong. But future will tell. We will know in about 6 month.

And the dog says hi!